Fantastic and Elegant Design of Cottage Style Window

Do you have a cottage? How does the window look like? You may want to have a cottage with nice window design. Therefore, the writer will show you some pictures about window design which is suitable for cottage design. This window for cottage has many various designs with wonderful concept. Well, let us start to review those windows.

Let us see the first sample in the picture, there is a creative window with turquoise color design. This window is quite small with wooden frame concept. It is also completed with trims and has glass window surface design. This is perfect for such a cottage which has bay window. We can compare it with the other window design which has three windows with wooden frame and painted in white accent. This window in fact has black glass concept with some trims. In addition, the wall around the window is painted in black color.

The other window style for cottage has nice classic concept design. This window is very adorable and looks so traditional. The color used for the window frame is earth tone brown coloring design. This is perfect for decorating the classic cottage. Or you may also have some cottage style windows with wooden black frame design and black glass surface. In addition, you can build such a cottage with brick concept building, or concrete building concept. This is the best way to build such a cottage with modern design and use some modern window as well.

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