Some Creative Shelving Ideas that You Can Try at Home

The way you organize your home interior tells who you are! Yeah, it is true because your taste cannot be so far from your personality. In this case, if you have unique interior look, then people will grade you as a smart person with high artistry. Yeah, the thing is not easy to make an interior becomes a lot more different from others, but you can try to have some creative shelving ideas to show people that you can learn to be an artist! Yeah, an artist!

If you want to try filling the empty space in the hallway, you have to make it stunning with spectacular design. a set of black curving shelves on the wall looks great to place some books. however, just the line of black is not enough, so adding some storage boxes evenly to balance the outlook is truly amazing!

Further, it is just too boring to see your books organized ordinarily on shelves with no cone, curve, and any other unique details. Therefore, you have to try the one that looke like indian camp along with its quirky colors like blue, orange and black applied on the rattan storage beneath the shelves. what do you think?

In addition, an S shaped wall shelving unit makes distinctive tone with half separated model. the colors used are also outrageously wonderful in black orange and black blue combinations. Not only books and stationary, but there is also indoor plants!

Maximizing the use of the space in the loft is another way that you can achieve a creative shelving idea. yeah, the sloping ceiling mode gives you the chance to opt your creativity with bookshelves!


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