Cool and Unique DIY Pendant Light Kit

Are you looking at something unique and cool on your lighting fixtures? Nothing is better than a pendant light. Why pendant lights? They have so many styles and designs available in the stores. There is a new way to make your pendant lights much more sophisticated and unique. That’s correct! Bring your pendant lights with the following cool and unique look DIY pendant light kit. Each idea of pendant light kit is totally distinct and so charming. Here are cool and unique pendant light kits from DIY.

First cool and unique DIY pendant light kit is Brilliant black DIY pendant light kits. This kind of pendant light kit is completed with long electric wire which is covered with safe rubber material. The design is so simple but it suits any room decor. Black DIY pendant light kits are designed in various sizes, so you can pair them with matching-size pendant lighting. Second optional DIY pendant light kit you may see is brushed steel DIY pendant light kit. Like its name, the kit has brushed stainless steel finish. It will be so perfect for stainless steel or metal base kitchen counters or Kitchen Island. The pendant light kit will be more vivid among the metal/ stainless steel kitchen utensils.

Next option if you are looking for cool DIY pendant light kit is hardwired brushed steel kit. It looks similar to the previous one. The difference is only the wire’s cover. Another difference is that hardwired brushed steel kit seems more elegant and bends in a modern room interior.

At final, white DIY pendant light kit becomes the best choice for you who love simple but luxurious white theme on your room. It’s quite beautiful to be placed in the full-white theme living room, bedroom, and bathroom.


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