Steps of How to Build A Adjustable Drafting Tables Ikea

Drafting tables Ikea seem to be need for those who work in art, craft, or any majors related to draft creations. Art or craft drafters need special furniture, especially the desk/ table, that’s large to do the craft and art projects, drawing, cutting, sewing, design, paper-craft, and layout. Actually, you can create your own drafting table by using unused properties or recycled properties. Or, you can modify an Ikea furniture to be larger table for drafting like the following idea.

An Ikea Blecket top has been a main property to be modified into hand-made drafting table Ikea. This turn, you will be informed how to build adjustable drafting Tables Ikea that save space and much money. The materials you need consist of flat desk top (unused surface table, wood-board, solid wood door top, or modular desk top), 2 pieces long table legs, 2 adjustable long table legs, 2 pieces heavy-duty that has 3 one-way hinges, screws, hardboard, plywood, saw, assorted bits, electric drill, rotary tool/ metal file.

Steps of building adjustable drafting tables Ikea: First, place the pieces of adjustable table legs on the back and place the standard table legs in the front side. Allow or create the table’s angle to be adjusted. As altering the table back’s height will require different angle of the front of table, hinges also need to be adjusted. The crap wood’s role is to accommodate the hinge and to give strong surface.

Second, cut the plywood/ hardboard in rectangle shapes and stick them in the front of table. Use electric drill to strengthen the hinges attachment with screws. Third, cut the plywood and attach them in other side of hinge. Fourth, cut screws protrusion by using cutter tool and install the table legs in these sides of plywood. The last, attach some adjustable table legs to the back of table and invert them. Set the legs into desired height. An adjustable drifting table is done and you can use it now. Below is the sample of drafting table pictures that may be inspire you to build other drafting tables Ikea.


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