Elegant Farmhouse Kitchen for Your Inspiration

For you who love cooking, kitchen is an important part of your house where you spend a lot of time there to do much cooking experiments. Kitchen design, of course, becomes the big homework because it can decide the comfort and attractiveness. Farmhouse kitchen is one of the best options that you can choose. Farmhouse kitchen will bring old memories, but will keep all appliances in a simple way. Unlike contemporary kitchen, the farmhouse kitchen focuses on natural materials with a personal touch.

One of the main points of designing a farmhouse kitchen is the windows. Windows in the farmhouse kitchen tend to give the room much sunlight, so the kitchen looks bright and warm. The windows are usually installed above the sink and you can choose several small windows or one big window. The other interesting part is the wooden interior. The chairs and dining table and the cabinet are made of wood in many cases. The wood flooring with various finishing and straight raw wood beam also give country touch. Stone floor, stone wall, and stone or marble items are other material that blends well with farmhouse concept. The overall color chosen for farmhouse kitchen is usually soft colors, such as white, grey, cream, and brown.

For a personal touch, you can add other contrasting color, such as red, pale green, and teal for some parts of your kitchen, including island and cabinet. Moreover, tile backsplash with creative pattern and beautiful chandelier can also be the special element in your farmhouse kitchen.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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