Felt Storage Bin Ideas

Storage place is not only about furniture but also other stuffs that can make your room looks unique and stylish, for example storage bin. Storage bin is kind of storage place which look like box for keeping your home stuffs. Storage bin comes with random size and shape, especially random material to make it. Storage bin may have a cover to close it or not, according to your need and your stuffs type.

Cool idea about storage bin is you don’t have to buy one. Yes, you can make one cool storage bin with simple stuffs and equipment around you. The easiest storage bin type that you can make is felt storage bin. Felt storage bin is storage bin that made from soft and friendly fabric. It is different from other storage bin which is created with plastic, felt storage bin is more elegant and modern with its fabric material.

You can make your own felt storage bin by using your box. Prepare synthetic felt, cut it based on your box shape and size, then stick it on nicely. Make double holes as your felt storage bin holder. The advantage of felt storage bin is you can simply fold it when you don’t use it at several times. Felt storage bin is perfect for keeping your kids toy, then you need to have more pretty and colourful felt storage bin for your kids room.

Beautiful home needs beautiful storage bin too. Storage bin can be your home interior design accessories to give your room decor addition.

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