Be More Creative by Making Your Own Unique File Storage Ottoman

File storage Ottoman is alternative files storage which is commonly designed in low-square shape and the top part is used as the seating. Their designs are so interesting and most people like them. They are so functional and beautiful. Yet, their price is very expensive. The price tag of a file storage Ottoman will depend on the size and manufacturer choice. Actually, you can make your file storage Ottoman by yourself. If you love the concept but dislike the price, you can try to create your own version of filing storage Ottoman. Here are some steps of making a unit of file storage Ottoman.

Please prepare some additional supplies before starting to make a new version of file storage Ottoman. The supplies required consist of curtain rods or round bars, some mending plates, screws for woods, bolt cutter, and blue tape. Here are some steps of making a file storage Ottoman.

First, check and measure the brace first and put the screw on the first brace. Make sure that you have made a pilot hole to prevent the wood split. Second, hold the curtain rod and the other braces. Put the rod and drill a screw on the second brace. Just repeat the similar step on other sides.

A file storage Ottoman will be more attractive if you complete it with a message board. You can build it as simple as you make your own file storage Ottoman version. The supplies that are needed to make a message board are fabric, glue, foam, glue gun, staple gun, and scissors. You can start from measuring the inside lid space. After getting the precise size of lid, cut off the foam board based on the size of lid.

Next, do similar step to the fabric, but leave each side about one inch overlap. Glue the fabric on the foam board by using glue gun. Beautify the surface with ribbons or anything else you like. Use staple gun to glue the decorative ribbon and the foam board. Cover the staples with hot glue in order to be stronger. The last, install a hand-made message board on the lid and staple the message board over the lid. Here it is a new version and low cost file storage Ottoman.


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