Floating Media Shelf Design

Living room can have many focal points, for example couch, flat modern TV, and storage place. Living room needs more simple storage place like shelf. Shelf can be your living room focal point if it looks gorgeous among the other stuffs. One of cool idea is combining your shelf with your TV stand. You will have furniture with cool functions, storage place and your media for your TV.

Many designers will suggest you floating shelf because of its simple design that can save your living space more. Floating shelf is wall mounted shelf that is sticking to your living room wall. You can find some floating shelfs are sold separately from TV stands if you put your own TV without the stand. Floating shelf may big and long or small and short base on your need. There are thousands design that you can pick one for your floating media shelf.

If you have any wooden boxes that you don’t use anymore, you can make it as floating shelf so you don’t have to buy one. You may make your own floating shelf and design it as you want. Floating shelf is perfect to put your DVD or your books and it is also suitable to put some of your accessories instead. Moreover, you may use your floating shelf as your cat box. It would be nice to have good free time in your living room with your dearest pet.

Find and observe more innovation by using floating shelf. Try to look for effective ways for having floating shelf. As you can make by your own, it is not necessary anymore to take your money comes out from your wallet.

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