Floating Shelves Lowes Fits to Minimalist Interior Design

Having a minimalist interior design is a brand new way to follow the trend in the current time. It meets the need of people with narrow space to work out. In addition, minimalist style is the the most popular trend as it offers such simple and fashionable interior look to every retreat. Therefore, nothing but minimal furniture to fill the interior wisely, and floating shelves lowes must be a cool one to deal with!

Composing three boards bathed in black tone on white wall before the kitchen bar is a way to achieve stylish look. In addition, it also distracts the inhabitants to spend more time in the space as it looks comfortable and fashionable as well.

Spending the waste space between two partition, recessed floating shelves lowes appear in its unique minimal tone. It blends into the blue wall paint in its neutral white look. Just fits to the reccessed texture is kind of wonderful because it must need loft of effort!

Further, several square floating shelves lowes take place on orange painted wall with boxy look. In its original wooden tone, it melts onto the paint pretty well and the ornament added is alos awesome to contrast the background!

Taking retro style to play some colors in the room, a yellow floating shelf must be the most recommended feature. It flashes the outlook with its banana like tone. The barcode decoratio for the door gives modern touch aside the green potted plant on the top.

In addition, a lego style white corner racks can be the next alternative as it looks unique and applicable as well. What do you think good people?

Reference: www.houzz.com

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