Floor Plans Designs for Homes

Floor plans designs for homes, in building engineering and architecture, are known as Scottish plan. It is a sketch to scale. The sketch shows the view of a home’s plan from above. The sketch previews the relationships among the rooms, spaces, and physical features of one structure. Homes’ dimensions are drawn between the walls. These specify the room’s size and wall length.

Floor plans designs for homes also usually depict the details of water heaters, fixtures (like bathroom’s and kitchen’s fixtures), furnaces, and many others. Home’s floor plans may also include the notes of constructions that give the specification of home’s finishes, symbols of electrical systems or construction methods.

In presenting the floor plans designs for homes, there are three types of floor plans: building blocks, plan views, and 3D floor plans. Each type has different view of construction plan. The building blocks, for instance, show several items of plans such as restrooms, hallways, interior walls, doors and windows, kitchen appliances (refrigerator, gas/ electrical stove, water heaters, etc), interior features (fireplace, whirlpool, sauna, etc), and rooms.

3D models have been popular nowadays to describe homes’ floor plans. Compared to 2D models, homes’ floor plans in 3D models are more efficient on cost. Moreover, they are also deeper and better image of each feature.

Reference: www.roomsketcher.com

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