Floor to Ceiling Mirror Brings Exclusive till Classy Nuance to Every Interior

How to make your interior looks exclusive and classy at once? It is quite simple to juggle an ordinary interior to be the extraordinary one. Just add mirror to several parts of the interior, than you will see the result. Even for a dining room, mirror always brings elegant glamor nuance. Let’s surf the virtual show below!

Do you have walk in closet in your room? If you have, then you need to add tall mirror inside. Not only to help you dress up before it, but it also adds style into the closet. Wooden closet design must be matching with wooden framed floor to ceiling mirror design.

In addition, to reflect every affection that you share in the dining room, it is cool to have tall mirror aside the table set. It mirrors everything that you can even hide your smile. In short, mirror in dining space brings intimacy in stylish look!

Further, you might often to find large mirror stacked on the wall in a practicing room. Yeah, it usually is widely used for dancing room as the dancer have to look to their own reflection for more perfect movement. Not only to feed the needs, but mirror in this room also gives simple desire to be more passionate!

A monochromatic bedroom appears in very glamor and elegant look with large floor to ceiling mirror design. It absorbs all the good thing surrounding perfectly to create sophisticated nuance beneath the modern lighting added on the ceiling. In this case, gray is no longer sorrowful, it glams!

Reference: freshome.com

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