Stylish Design of Glass Door Refrigerator Residential that You Must Know

You must have ever thought that glass door refrigerator is not suitable for home furniture. It fits to a store rather than residential need. It might be true some years ago, but now adding glass door refrigerator in your house is possible without reducing the elegance of your interior. In addition, it adds the style for your home with unique feature that people must know. Below are some stylish designs of glass door refrigerator residential that you must know!

The first stylish glass door refrigerator design that you must know is the slim one that offers you double small glass door. The first door takes the upper side while the other one fits the bottom design. Design in original stainless steel tone, it looks elegant with two handles!

The next design is quite different with the previous one as the door is designed a bit covered by the primary material. In this design, the designer means to give you minimal chance peeking the inside with narrow glass accent. Thanks to the black glass frame added to the design!

Further, a truly stylish glass door refrigerator design appears in very sweet tone of brown. You must wonder how come a refrigerator can be that cute? Aside of the distinctive style of the glass door that only takes the upper side, there are also two additional storage beneath the glass accent.

Double glass door refrigerator is the most luxurious design that fits your large need of refrigerator! So, which design that will suit your taste and place?


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