Hidden Safe Ideas for Valuable at Your Home

Many people have bad experiences about their valuable things which are taken away by burglars. To prevent this happens to us, building a hidden safe can probably become most effective solutions. Hidden safe ideas are meant to hide our valuable like cash, jewelry, documents, etc in unreachable spots. Choose several spots like kitchen, garage, mudroom, bathroom, and even laundry room as the location where we make hidden safe ideas. These several spots, of course, won’t be on buglers’ mind to visit because they prefer home office and bedroom as the main targeted area to visit. Well, you must be so curious where we should make hidden safe ideas and what ideas we are going to make.

Air vents become the first hidden safe ideas for storing our valuable. Install unit storage in air vents of entrance hall or bathroom. It will be better if we install it near the ceiling. Why air vents? It’s hardly to achieve and unlikely the buglers will bother to. Second alternative of hidden safe idea is in bedroom vanity mirror. Secret storage at the back of vanity mirror is a great idea since it can camouflage as medicine cabinet. It’s easy to install but can store more items.

Wall art behind is next hidden safe idea you may want to try. Build a wall-storage unit behind the wall art and use it to store your valuable things. To maximize the camouflage, cover it with the old medicine cabinet which has similar hinged and mounted canvas. Cleaning supplies and pantry items (like mayonnaise jars) are also smart ideas of hidden safe. The buglers must pass them over, especially if we mix them with the real products. Closet light is also added to the list of smart hidden safe ideas. Closet light, actually, is often used by buglers to search for valuables in offices or homes, but they really don’t know that this type of lighting can be a secret storage unit for storing cash, passport, jewelry, and many other precious things.

Well, actually we still have a lot of ideas of hidden safe for homes. If you want to know more about them, please visit our gallery below and find out what else secret storage units you may take.

Reference: www.diyncrafts.com

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