Home Garden Curtain Design – Beyond Function

Hallo guys! Here again with me, Giselle, and I wanna take you with some great shows today. What do you usually expect from installing a curtain? Generally, people only think that curtain is the stuff that will cover a room, a storage and also a window. They simply think about function, and do you know that there is something beyond function from a curtain? Yeah, curtain offers us color, design, pattern and texture as well. If you want to prove it, then look at following show!

It is actually an ordinary bathroom design, but you can look at the picture how the ordinary footage looks better and livable with a fresh green shower curtain design. isn’t it proving that curtain adds color to any interior? Absolutely!

Now, let’s run to the bedroom because there something pops within the calm design. yeah, it is the stunning yellow curtain applied on the window that flashes the room with awesome tone. Just look at how blue and yellow could fix the nuance with kind of cheerful outlook.

Orange and yellow floral patterned shower curtain becomes the nest awakening idea. it splashes a bathroom interior with fresh fruity tone, and it is truly gorgeous even to stay longer inside. Together with super bright orange rug aside the tube, it is just a complete rainbow stolen in the footage!

Taking a boho curtain is a nice idea to add artistic value into the living room. look how beautiful the blue accented vibe is confronted with deep floral patterned curtain from floor to ceiling. Yeah, it is totaly awesome!

Reference: www.reviewjournal.com

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