Home Tour: Chic & Ethnic Finds at Gorgeous Stelida & Palka Hotels in Greece

bamboo bed frame white bed linen textured bed linen in warm beige ethnic print pillow log bedside table pendant with oversized handcarved woven bamboo Planete Deco

Chic and ethnical – these two characters are clearly inspired by  Naxian Collection we can easily find in two popular hotels in Greece, Stelida and Plaka. The overall interior design ideas are dominated by modern Bohemian-ethnic decor style that is beautifully designed for young couples. Located in Naxos Island, here we are invited to have a fun home tour. Let’s start our tour with this relaxing sitting area.

This area simply consists of a director chair with monochromatic ethnic prints. Supported with light-weight metal frame, the chair can be optimal for a tiny sitting room. The chair is portable and practical, recommended for any small rooms. The end table, in addition, is gorgeous with the original shape of log, indirectly connecting us to the nature in modern way.

I can say that all elements here are so awesome. They already have been the statements of room, starting from the bamboo bed frame to the pendant lamp. Only supported by ordinary ball lamp, the pendant looks quite interesting with the lampshade beautifully made of handcarved woven bamboo. So creative.

Full of textural colors and prints. This, of course, enriches the space with a lot of attractive tones and shapes. The stool on the countertop, in addition, is also a great idea to express a unique personal style by being a different related to layout choice.

Soft and warm. It feels like the whole interior facade is made of clay with cream finish. Stainless steel bath fixtures deliver a modern look, so they’re obviously stated in the middle of traditional interior concept.

This is amazing, the nicest view of coastal area framed through the porch. This is the best angle to enjoy the view. It must be more fun to have such moment while relaxing your body and mind in this perfect spot.

So inspiring, using a bamboo paneling as the room partition. This is a clever idea to optimize the natural sources especially the bamboo. Its natural shade helps a lot in creating a soft and warm look around the space. The hidden light installation incredibly makes the bamboo paneling look more sparkling. Genius!

So inviting, a living room furnished with soft modern sofa and movable coffee table. I like the recessed shelving unit on wall; it’s practical and stylish, effectively can be used as a display. The bamboo wall paneling here also offers a special value, a paneling idea that provides semi-privacy for the inhabitants.

All-white interior facade means clean and simple, a perfect look to combine with any interior pieces including these soft broken white sofas. Add some bold colors like deep blue and purple for more textural look; also involve an organic material like wooden for a warm look.

All linens here tend to be similar with the interior facade, creating a calming and harmonious atmosphere. It also feels romantic with the light supports where they are installed lower for aesthetic goal.

Creative and unique, a wall mirror framed with dried grass ornament. Create your own super-creative spot by adding your own work to the spot you love the most like this. It’s awesome to include the creative work in our home decor.

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