Inspiring Series of Garage Doors

contemporary garage idea with pure white minimalist entrance Red Stone Builders

If you have a plan of re-modeling your home’s garage, it is recommended to choose the best garage door product to optimize the look and function. There are so many choices of garage door models you can choose and make sure to select the best one that suits your preference and needs. Well, talking about the garage doors, they have been designed in many options of style and model, and check each style and model in more details.

Traditional-Style Garage Doors

White-finishing garage doors are great idea to apply since they keep stunning and striking. It looks more attractive with the series of modern wall-lamps attached on each garage door’s side-top. Grey brick wall system here neutralizes the whole garage’s exterior and makes the garage door looks so contrast.

Oak-made garage door is a smart idea to complete a traditional shed such a picture above. Weight metal handles installed on some door’s spots add the aesthetic value for the door itself. A wall lamp attached on center of shed’s wall brings interesting look for the shed. Then, the shed’s wall system uses similar color to garage door’s to create traditional-rustic look.

This X-white garage door suits for any styles of garage, including traditional garage design. Cedar slabs installed on garage’s siding part gives perfect touch for the garage. Give dark-staining metal handles to lift up and down the garage door. A couple of wall lamps are quite nice to provide sufficient lights on garage’s outdoor.

If you want to have a simple but stylish garage, white garage door with simple dark lift-handles is recommended to you. White here is the primary color used on the whole garage, including the siding and roof. Such design will be great to apply on a limited-space garage.

Woodgrain-veneer garage door offers great warm and keep the natural-look of the door material itself (wood). This idea of garage door suits for a rustic style like the picture above. Let you know, striking hard and ‘raw’ natural stones installed as the garage’s siding/wall system is the obvious elements of rustic concept.

This idea looks dramatically beautiful with dark wood-grain-finishing garage door. The use grey color (as the dominant color tone) here helps to create a contrast view between the garage door and the main building.

Garage Doors with Custom Paints

It’s so stylish if we use customized garage door to complement our farmhouse. It’s surely advantageous for us as we can suit the garage door’s color and model with our preference and need. The series of garage door with wood color, for instance, is a great choice to combine with dark grey garage’s body.

It’s always interesting when we find good color combination applied on a building. The shed above, for instance, uses dark grey garage door which is combined with striking red-finishing shed. The owner puts white-framed window package to add focal points of building.

farmhouse shed with white framed garage door and white framed glass window series

Boyd And Sons Construction

This customized-garage door is an example of how the color choice affects post-remodel result of farmhouse shed. The owner selected white as the final finishing for the garage door. To make it much more attractive, shabby red needs to be applied on the whole parts of shed. White-framed glass windows are attached to optimize farmhouse’s look.

white garage door idea with light cream farmhouse shed

Hardrock Construction

Mini farmhouse-shed is best alternative if you love small garage but stylish and usable. To make it so alive, just colorize the existed garage door with other vivid color tones like white. Here, white garage door is combined with light cream color which is covered on shed’s wall system. Put a couple of decorative flowers as the shed’s accessories. And, here is another similar sample but just little different in color choice.

One-Color Toned Garage Door Ideas for Detached Car Garage

A detached car garage with simple grey door seems so stylish. Grey here is the primary color used to cover the whole parts of garage, including wall system, garage door, and roof installation.

It’s like a house with larger door entrance, right? But it is not. This is a detached car garage with pure white garage door entrance idea. The entrance is completed with a couple of recessed ceiling lamps to provide best lighting when the dark starts to come.

This garage is inspired from Country-style shed. The building is dominated by limestone facade which is highlighted by rustic reclaimed-cedar garage door. Dark and shabby iron hinges mounted on the door entrance also add special beauty.

Mediterranean Garage Door Ideas

Mediterranean concept is obviously seen from semi-circular top of garage door. Vertical garden attached on each garage door entrance’s edges enlighten the garage and area around it.

This idea presents mix Mediterranean & rustic style in as one. Reclaimed-cedar garnished by dark iron hinges are the elements usually used in rustic concept. Mediterranean concept is expressed on bow-shape applied on top of garage door. Another sample of Mediterranean-Rustic garage door entrance is also available on the following picture:

Black-framed hardwood garage door with X-shaped decoration brings rustic look on that garage. Mix of material, finishing’s color, and design result warm and adorable rustic look on the whole parts of building. Isn’t it?

Luxury and elegance are obviously shown by material and design choices. Limestone and best-quality cedar are commonly used for building the series of luxurious interior and exterior items. And, in this picture, both are used as the materials of garage facade. In addition, the garage has mini-garage door as the secondary entrance.

Minimalist Garage Door Ideas

Garage facade is full of solid wood and it’s designed in minimalist style by emphasizing the simplicity and functionality. The most interesting here is that the garage door uses wheels on sliding door’s base for moving the door on left or right side.

Industrial garage door building is best solution for low-budget garage building project. The garage is dominantly built from light metal material. The door entrance is made from solid wood which is designed in cool-shabby look with transparent glass mini window at the center.

This garage door entrance looks like a room partition model. It is designed simple and minimalist style. Yet, the owner adds a little rustic touch by inserting the old and shabby bricks into the garage’s wall system.

Full-glass door entrance is the primary focus. It obviously presents luxury and minimalist look. One makes it more interesting is that the garage’s top is used as rooftop, so it can be more effectively used for special occasions.

It’s a good idea to insert modern and minimalist accent to a traditional home facade. Solid wood garage entrance with craftsmanship and smooth dark finish, for instance, beautifully suits with a traditional brick garage building.

For minimalist home design, this garage entrance is the best choice. The entrance employs full-glass panel and it’s installed in a square-look garage building. It’s simple but stylish. Isn’t it?

This one is superb and beautiful. A cabin has been completed with minimalist garage building at downstairs and compact living space at upstairs. The whole parts of siding (including garage entrance) use sustainable cedar and used metal for roof.

A minimalist compact living space works well with recycled metal garage entrance. X-shaped decoration and old-look door seem so alive with grey & hard-surface concrete wall system.

Simply grey garage entrance is a smart choice for a square-shaped garage building. Grey is frankly beautiful with cream-toned brick building.

White minimalist garage entrance is also best choice for a contemporary garage unit which uses smooth-finished cedar as the primary siding material and recycled metal for garage’s roof.

This square and compact garage unit is so stylish and minimalist. The entrance uses grey and light-weight metal without frame. The color tones applied on building match each other.

The final design is a garage unit with minimalist cedar entrance beautified with the series of glass window panels offset to right-side of garage.

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