Kitchen Island Table Combination: A Practical and Double-Functional Piece

Each room has essential element defining the room itself. Kitchen, for instance, has several elements that reflect the kitchen’s main function. We have kitchen counter, kitchen island, kitchen cabinets, and many others in which each element presents different role.

As one of the important elements, a kitchen island is designed as perfect as possible to optimize its function. It is placed in the center and used as the preparation table and decorative piece as well. Sometimes, a kitchen island is more than a preparation table. This means that it has no specific role or multifunctional element. It roles a smart and wonderful storage unit with drawers and shelves, but it also has perfect surface. The surface is then commonly used as a breakfast table or a dining table. That’s why a kitchen island is often called a kitchen island table combination.

A kitchen island table combination has been developed to grab its expanded function. As the kitchen island as well as the dining table, a kitchen island is completed with the set of bar stools or dining chairs. The stools or chairs are designed in similar shape, color, style, and model to their table.

Let’s share about the style. Like other interior pieces, a kitchen island table combination has been produced in various styles. The styles include Mediterranean, minimalist, modern, traditional, and many others. Each has special characteristics, especially in design and decor. The shape of kitchen island table extension is more various. L-shaped, rounded edge, lateral, square-shaped, rectangular, and many other shapes can be discovered in furniture outlets. To answer your big curiosity about this kitchen island table combination, here we share some newest designs of kitchen island end dining table.


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