Cool and Useful Knife Blocks

Functional accessories, furniture, and storage will help you to keep the kitchen neat and well organized. Even a little accessory is able to have a big role in adding a style to the place. The example is a knife block. It is very practical and useful. Some of the useful and cool knife blocks are Throwzini’s Knife Block, Victorinox 13-Slot Tablet Knife Block, Wooden Knife Block, Finger Knife Block, Spartan Knife Block, and Aether Glowing Knife Block.

The first one is Throwzini’s Knife Block. This is the circus act because of the design is like a circus knife throwing wheel. It is very stylish and creative made by Throwzini. The second one is the I-Block. It is cool and very useful because it designs not only for knife block, but also for placing our tablets and I-pads to help us do the cooking. The next is the custom made knife block with half wound shape. Surely, it is useful because of lots of spaces for your knives and cool because of the design.

The finger knife block is actually a steak knife set designed by Raffaele Iannello. This cool knife block features with ABS plastic hand block and holds six stainless steel steak knives. Then, another knife block is the Spartan Knife Block. It is crafted from local solid maple wood for the Spartan and the walnut wood for the shield. For the last, Aether Glowing Knife Block that fits three knives on it will glow in the dark depending on how many knives you put in the block.


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