Wonderful Creative Large Shipping Container Houses

You may want to have such a typical house design which is not common. There is a way that can make your dream come true to have a typical nice house which is made of old shipping container. Shipping contained house seems very unfamiliar for most people. However, there are some people who had already built up this house concept. thus, this special post will show you some adorable cool shipping container house design.

A shipping container has quite big size. Therefore, this is perfect and proper for making such a shelter or house with this thing. Let us first see it from the outside, you can see in the picture there is a green container which has width around 7 meters and height around 2,5 meters. It has one door which is made of glass and this house is really made of old shipping container.

We can go to the other design which has blue coloring design with the same size as before. This blue house container seems very incredible with some exterior flower decoration above the roof and in the porch. The other same blue container house has modern design which has glass wall concept. This concept is issued by IKEA Company with wonderful interior decoration. It is a bit smaller that the other, but if you may see the furniture inside, they are so perfectly complete.

Let us get inside the room, you may see a living room with transparent glass wall design. This modern room inside the old shipping contained seems very adorable. You might never think that you are inside a container, not a house. Moreover, there is a house which is made of several arranged shipping containers. So, this house has eight shipping containers which form a real house with nice transparent glass big doors.

Reference: www.homedit.com

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