Marble Top Bistro Table for Home or Cafe

Enhance your dining room or new cafe with marble top bistro table. The table is timeless and chic furniture which can easily fit any styles. Marble offers glossy top which shows elegance. It looks great with wood legs. The combination presents modernity and natural warmth in one.

In some European countries, especially French, marble top bistro table is easily seen in many sidewalk cafes. The table is available in three shape selections (circle, rectangular, and square). The marble used is in two color options: Carrara marble and multi-color marble. Most of marble top tables are framed with stainless steel or brass metal band. The metal band is provided in two choices: ridged band and smooth band.

Hardwood is not the only one table base used to support the marble top bistro table. Metal like iron is also available. The metal bases are designed in some models (quadripod, tripod, pyramid, pyramid round, godin, and moon). Both table surface and base vary in size. The base’s size will be depended on the weight required to support and matte black becomes the most favorite color applied for the metal base. But if you are more interested in other colors, formica colors should be the best choices.

To add functional value, some units of cafe chairs should complement a marble top bistro table. Choose the chairs model that fits table model. Why? Both will complete each other and you’ve an authentic cafe set in your home.


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