Mission Style Decorating Idea

Mission style decorating brings casual, simple, and comfortable. This style came in the late of nineteenth Century. In the beginning of its appearance, it became so popular in America. Even, it became the masterpiece of craft movements and American arts. Today, many people use the style as the part of their home decorating idea. The finest craftsman becomes the main characteristic of mission style decor idea. The crafted furniture sets are identified as mission style’s interior features. The features have flat panels and geometric lines that are designed to represent wood grain’s beauty. From here, we know that mission-styled furniture is those which are made of solid crafted wood, like oak.

Architecture designs using mission style decorating idea is commonly found in craftsman-style home designs or craftsman bungalows. Flat panel/ geometric line are actually not the only one feature of this style. Mission style’s features also includes woven fabrics, leather upholstery, earthy color tone/ palette (like rust and green), and stained glass.

Mission style decorating idea takes nature, art, and craft as the main inspirations. To get a striking natural, artful, and full of crafted look, follow these tips. First tips, understand the crafts and arts style in more details. Even though it came for about hundreds years ago, the style is still popular nowadays. If you want to have a classic, timeless, and simple look, but keep stylish and elegant, take the closer look. This idea helps you to create friendly, warm, and comfortable home.

Second tips, just think about how to develop the style. Although a mission style is still part of Victorian style, this style actually appears as the response against the fussy and ornate style of Victorian Decor. In developing this style, don’t ignore its main concept of style itself (craft, art, and nature). It will be best if you use hand-crafted wood furniture sets to furnish your mission-style interior and exterior decors.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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