Living the Life with Modern Home Sitting on Hillside

Various ways to achieve perfect living with glorious feeling for everyday. Taking good site to sit the house is one cool strategy. Hillside becomes a brand new attractive spot to overlook the view beneath whether ocean, lake or even valley. In addition, it must be everyday vacation to sit ourselves in a home sitting on hillside. Below are several modern home designs nest on hillside that you must know!

The very first home is a good choice for gothic fanatic! It is black sided modern home design with glass accent applied to several spot of the wall that makes the home open to outdoor and indoor connection.

Further, it must be super cool to live in a house half planted beneath the ground covered with green grassy meadow. With perfect rooftop garden applied, the home is truly a heaven for some inhabitants dreaming fresh air all the time.

A white house with mountainous view and its cold frozen peak is the one with perfect angle. It comes with grassy surrounding patterned in some beautiful colors bringing the nuance of spring. Both covered and opened, this house offers more than living to everyone.

Taking site beneath rocky hill, this house is quite challenging in its smart adaptation gray cover. Block shaped taken is amazing to melt with the surrounding which is full of stone. Added with some glass windows on the spot, it offers accessible connection between indoor and outdoor!

Further, a two storey white modern home on hillside hovers above the ground with luxurious poolside that is perfect for a blast! Wonderful!


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