Modern Kitchen Studio – to Cook like Chef

Do you want to be a professional chef? Yeah, when I was a kid, I wonder how does it feel to wear such funny tall hat in white tone. It pushes me to cook better with my mom, and finally I enjoy cooking and deserve a more comfortable space. If you do have the same plan and feeling just like me, you need to look at some modern kitchen studios in the following show! Check it out!

To make a plate of special menu for dinner, I need a space that is attractive without reducing it elegant look. I guess, the gray kitchen with turquoise island is the best one fitting my expectation.

I wonder to feel the nuance of cooking while the natural light keep watching and attacking from the outside trough the large glass window. I bet the nuance is worth to sacrifice if you look at how sophisticated appliance applied in the footage.

The next design keeps ergonomic theme with indoor plants just before the dining table installed in the room. the skylight is the one that shares bright feeling into the vibe together with all white concrete siding. The orange cabinetry accent and the natural wooden table attached into the modern kitchen studio are undeniable!

Completing the kitchen with green and yellow appeal at once is truly awesome. It comes with fresh outlook just like fruit and leave, and the beige cabinetry is the one centering the navigation inside the kitchen studio.

Another adorable kitchen studio leads me to enjoy cooking with lush of vegetation outside with accessible sliding glass door! Wonderful!


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