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Classic Brown Outside Mount Roman Shades Beige Window Frame Classic White Table Lamp Yellow Flower
Beautiful Etnic Brown Green Small Outside Mount Roman Shades With Side Wooden Table And Beautiful Yellow Fresh Flower
Flower Motive Soft Beige Outside Mount Roman Shades For Modern Living Room With TV And Decorative Fake Flower
Gold Tone Outside Mount Roman Shades For Tile Wall Kitchen White Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Sleek Black Kitchen Top
Elegant Red Outside Mount Roman Shades For Modern White Living Room With Decorative Living Plants White Sofa And Matched Red Cushion
Beautiful Exotic Motive Blue Tone Outside Mount Roman Shades White Window Frame With Decorative Flower And Picture
Cheerful Pink Green Outside Mount Roman Shades White Wooden Window Frame Soft Blue Wall
Large Etnic Gray Tone Outside Mount Roman Shades For Dining Room Natural Wooden Dining Set Decorative Fruit
Outside Mount Roman Shades For Clean Modern Kitchen With Granite Countertop Decorative Plants And Fruit
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Going for roman shades will not only protect you from the sun but also enhance ornamental feel to your bare windows as well as giving you more privacy. Deciding the mount position is also very crucial. If you want cleaner and sleeker look you can do inside mount shades since they fit the window frame well. Meanwhile outside mount shades offer flexibility towards any shades selected as well as condition of window frames. Installing outside mount roman shades is also very easy making it possible to do it on your own. Here are step by step how to install outside mount roman shades.

The first thing to do is deciding the location of the mount. Outside mount means that you hang the roman shades outside of the window frame. It is commonly done by attaching the shades to the wall a little above the window. Make sure to choose sturdy window frames which can stand heaviness. Finding the location for the brackets is the next step which can be done by simply measure the whole size of the roman shades and estimate the brackets location by using this measurement.

The third step of installing outside mount roman shades is installing the brackets with screws that usually come with the roman shades installation package. One bracket usually requires two screws. Make sure to follow the manufacturer installation instruction since each brand may have different bracket installation method. Sliding your shades into place is the final step. The shades top should go with flat brackets clicking with brackets installed on the wall. Then you should carefully slip the roman shades. For the finale verification whether they are securely working well, just pull the cord that functions to adjust the shades.

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