Have a Murphy Bed Chicago for Comfortable and Stylish Bedroom

Bedroom is a private room, and it mirrors your personality. If you do have high and classy personality, you have to decorate your bedroom in the same way. Today’s trend is to spend the space wisely, so you can have a comfortable room without reducing your need. Here, I wonder if you will like a murphy bed chicago that I will display below. Do you want to take a look? Here you go!

The first murphy bed chicago design pushes you to sleep between large closet design and storage. It looks compact to hide the white wall. I like the flashing red pillows and headboard and also the sofa beneath. For me, instead of wasting the space for double furniture, murphy bed chicago is a nice breakthrough!

The next design is suitable for young people. It showcases the spirit of youth with simple design in neutral white and black combination. Creamy wall is chosen for warm and comfortable ambiance, while black and white are matching for fixtures. Desk, storage and bed are three features that you can have in one design!

A shabby chic bedroom must be sweet dropped by soft blue murphy bed chicago design. It comforts you with long storage idea with closet too. Added with wooden flooring idea, you can enjoy every single inch of the room with greatness!

Twin murphy bed chicagi is a brand new style of space saving. Having twin kids will be more colorful to give them this adorable design wrapped in navy blue tone. And a green side murphy bed is also a nice solution for a small bedroom with high mobility!

Reference: www.apartmenttherapy.com

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