Natural Tree Stump Side Table Brings Nature Fragment into Your Interior

Living in the middle of the buzz of a city, sometimes makes you miss the nuance of living countryside with forest nearby. As you cannot leave the downtown living, then there is no other way than to bring the nature indoor. Thanks to the brilliant idea, natural tree stump side table brings nature fragment into your interior!

A single natural tree stump side table gives natural perfection in interior effortless. It is not to tall and looks great great with the heart shape on the surface. Completed with crack patterns on the outlook, it even adds more adorable nature fragment. A pile of book and white furry rug are all sophisticated fixture to prettify the design.

Natural boxy tree stump side table gives you another appeal. The design meets you with elegant and modern taste. Black accent on the surface shows that it used to be burned. I like the natural crack!

Meanwhile, twin tree stump side tables appear in sweet compound. White log heart seen on the countertop gives flashing accent on the natural appeal. The couple must suit any interior as the tone is quite natural, and the design itself is also conventional!

Further, a curve tree stump side table brights every eye with beautiful shape. Even an artist will like it because of the high artistic value disguise behind its traditional appearance. Added with modern wooden legs, it loads more stuff compared to the previous one.

What do you think, guys? Isn’t it easy to take the nature nearby?


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