Enhancing House Architecture Design with Ox-Eye Window

Do you ever hear of ox-eye window? Ox-eye window or oculus window is a round or oval window that is usually installed at the front top of your house. This type of window really gives an amazing touch for the architectural design of your house. You may think that the small round window is unnecessary, but actually, it gives a balance of your exterior view and gives a bright light for the interior.

Ox-eye window is usually placed in the top of gable, but you can put it in any place in your house as long as it balances the overall outlook. You can install it above the entry door or you can put it between two square windows to break the stiff composition of symmetrical windows installed all over the wall. Wherever the oculus window is set, the window, indeed, provides a different spectacle than other windows. Moreover, it gives a great ventilation system because it is located in a high position.

The round window may appear in any room depends on your room layout. If you only have one-story building, the window is usually found in high up wall in living room. On the other hand, if you have two-story house, the ox-eye window can show in a kitchen, home office, or even bathroom. Then, you had better choose a round window with open pivot whether vertically or horizontally to keep fresh air flows into the room. If bathroom is the room where the ox-eye window is positioned, you ought to add covering made of frosted glass, wood, or curtain.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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