Sheds Turned into Homes Guidlines

Sheds turned into homes are great ideas for you who perhaps feel bored to live in your house. The redesigned shed can also be used as guest room. This idea offers uniqueness. Your guests must be amazing if you invite them to live there for days. But, before you invite your guests to your homey shed, it is a must for you to renovate, remodel, and redesign your old shed. How? The following information will be your guidelines how to create sheds turned into homes.

To build a guest cottage from an old and shabby look, first, build the exterior of the cottage. To make it more interesting, use cedar color with green roof. For inside wall, use mahogany finishing wall. Take a look at the inside of shed. The ceiling is built from tiny and flexible zinc materials as water-resistant surface. To prevent the heat of sunlight burn up the zinc roof, you can layer the zinc with lightwood board. Don’t forget to install the ceiling fan to optimize the air circulation beyond the room.

The kitchen area, don’t forget to build up the storage and shelving unit. The shelves are made from the cutting wood boards which are arranged into several benches. How about the bathroom? Use the combination of wood and tin to press the material cost. The floors are hand-made plaque woods that have been brushed with wood oil in order to keep the floor last longer in years.

A dining room is better built in mini bar model in which it just consists of several tiny-legs bar chairs and antique bar table. Almost furniture inside the homey shed is hand-made furniture. This idea certainly can be the best solution to achieve low cost when you are going to build your new sheds turned into homes.


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