Shower Base for Tile: How to Build It Perfectly?

As the home owner, you absolutely want to increase your home value. There is an instant and easy way to seize it. Changing your home look, especially for some particular spots like a shower base for tile in your bathroom. You don’t need to use professional or experienced renovator; do it by yourself is possible yet follow these guidelines.

Before starting renovation, please prepare the things you need. There are several items you must prepare to start building your shower base for tile. The items are mix of cement and sand, thin set, lumber board for building a shower curb (set the size based on your shower base size), bullnose tile and tile, mosaic tiles for shower floor (it’s up to you about the tile type), grout, tile caulk, liquid waterproof, screws, and nails. The tools needed consist of wet rag, bucket, foam roller, paint brush, pencil, level, margin trowel, protractor, hammer, and chop saw.

And the following are the steps of creating your own shower base for tile. First, create your shower enclosure. Second, use the boards to create the shower floor panel representation. After it has been done, tape down the boards to keep them in place. Third, create the shower curb outline. It helps you more in creating the mold dimension you are going to build. Give the mark and cut them down to size for frame. Use the protractor and measure plus mark needed angles to cut the outer and inner shower frame. Fourth, chop and fit each end of marked angles.

Fifth, use some small boards and tape them down to the frame. Drill the screws into the shower floor. The screws will help the frame secured and keep the frame and floor being fitted. The frame is done. Next, prepare the mud. Pour the mud into the space between the frame boards. Keep filling the frame till the mud reaches the top of frame. Make sure that the mud top is as level as the top of frame. After a day, the mud is hard and you can remove your frame. Now you have a permanent shower curb. Next step, pour the mud in the inner area of your permanent frame (this area is called a shower pan/ shower base). After concrete is dry enough, cover it with waterproofing barrier and let it dries. Last step, lay the tiles down and add a water drain to ensure that your shower base is always dry after being used.


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