Simple Wedding Gifts

When one of your friends is getting married, surely you feel not only happy but also ready to prepare special gift. Wedding gifts are something precious, but it doesn’t have to be something which is so expensive and big. Make your own gifts as special as possible without seeing its price. Besides the gift, another important thing that you should do to the gift is creating awesome gift wrapping decoration.

Everyone wish to give their family and friends simple wedding gifts but still looks very cool from the outside. Here are some ways for you to wrap your wedding gifts in awesome design. First is choosing the gift vessel. Box is common thing that people often use to wrap wedding gift, but how if your wedding gifts are not big at all? Then you can use gift paper. Now, gift paper comes with pretty and beautiful patterns as your great options.

Next thing is using ribbon. It is not a doubt anymore that using ribbon as wedding gifts decoration is required because ribbon is flexible thing that you can design as you wish. Usually, choosing ribbon should be based on your gift wrapping color. It is better to have match color of the ribbon with the gift wrap color.

The last thing is wedding card. Yes, wedding gifts are not complete without your congratulation wedding card. Two ways of putting wedding card is inside the gift or outside the gift. Your words may be printed or not, but make sure if it is printed, it must be readable easily.


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