Small Stackable Washer Dryer Combo

Limited space needs more innovative idea, just like your apartment. Every part of your apartment should have something useful for you to live easily. Room corner, closet, and storage under your bed are some examples of good space to use. Then what about laundry room? Let’s try this design idea for the better laundry room.

Laundry room with small space is not really good surely, especially if you don’t have enough space to move. One of cool and simple way to design laundry room is combining it together with dry room. You can put your dry machine above the wash machine, but make sure that you buy the correct dry and wash machine which is indeed designed to stack to each other.

If you have a closet laundry room, don’t forget to divide the space into some sections to put soap, detergen, and basket. Create some shelf for your corner laundry room, things will look more nice to see in good order. Put the stuffs correctly, for example soap and detergen have to be placed on the top of shelf to keep it away from kids.

The concept idea of small stackable washer dryer combo already spreads out around people who need easy way to do their laundry activities. It is not only apartments, small house can try this one room concept. Build your stackable washer dryer in proper area, so you can consider to add some things to support it. Laundry room is like bathroom and office, nice organizing stuffs will be really great.

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