Cheap Methods to Soundproofing Apartment Walls

Living in a busy urban area may leave some problems one of which is noisy sound around your apartment. While installing soundproof materials will cost you big amount of money and require huge installing work, there are several easy things you can do in soundproofing apartment walls. Although these Do-It-Youself steps will not completely eliminating outside noise but they can be great methods to minimizing the noise entering your apartment or room.

The first thing to be conducted in soundproofing apartment walls is finding the source of the noise. This will help you determining which area causes worst noise that you should focus on. Soundproofing Apartment walls in a cheaper way can be done by applying sound blocker products. Another method that can be done to soundproofing your apartment walls is placing thick furniture such as bookshelves or cabinet on the wall. Furthermore, putting thick foam between the wall and furniture will increase soundproof function.

If you realize the noise is coming from other people or rooms of your own apartment you can use sound absorbing materials such as thick felt and cotton which can be directly put to walls as well as furniture. Relatively empty room will easily conduct noise. You can play your creativity in room decoration by adding furniture such as sofa, chair and rug. Hanging attractive sound absorbing felt can also improve your room appearance. Windows are also essentials to soundproofing apartment walls since glass in remarkable noise and heat conductor. As important as soundproofing your wall, you have to make sure all gaps and cracks of the windows are greatly sealed to prevent more noise of outside.


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