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Global Themed Bedroom And Bright Blue Color Papasan Chairs For Kids With Bookshelf Near Toddler Bed And Big World Map
Comfortable Red Papasan Chair With Ottoman And Red Carpet With Gifts And White Table And Christmas Tree
Stylish And Modern Papasan Chair With Ottoman And White Flower Carpet On The Ceramic Floor And Colorful Vases And Blue Color Wall
Stylish And Simple Blue Papasan Chair With Blue And White Cushions In The Corner With Blue Color Wall And White Tall Cabinet And Blue Bed
Orange Colorful Papasan Chair With Brown Teddy Bear For Kids Bedroom Near Table Lamp And White And Red Wall And White Window And White Curtain
Stylish And Big White Papasan Chair For Kids And Green Doll And Orange Carpet Also Orange Color Wall And Lamp And Pictures
Stylish And Pretty Kids Bedroom With Bright Blue Papasan Chair And Pink Cushion Near White Carpet On The Wooden Floor Also Brown Wooden Cabinet And Dresser
Colorful Pastel Kids Bedroom With Wide Papasan Chair And Ottoman With White Cushion And Pink Wood And Pastel Color Carpet On The Wooden Floor
Stylish White Papasan Chairs For Kids Bedroom And Bunk Bed With Wood Material And Grey Carpet On The Wooden Floor And Dart
Stylish Modern And Comfortable Papasan Chair With Brown Color And Polkadot Cushion With Wooden Bunk Bed

Papasan chairs are a creative and unique chair with the half-round shape. Because of the shape, it is occasionally known as pan chairs, moon chairs, bowl chairs, dish chairs, or roundabout chairs. It gained popularity during 70s, and nowadays it has become subject for many designers to create a new and various looks and feels for these classic chairs. The papasan chairs are not only suitable for adults, but also for kids. You can decorate your kid’s bedroom or playroom with one of them. For example, the Youth-sized Cushioned Papasan Chair is constructed of a durable rattan frame. It has vivid style and sturdy design with the colors available in red, grape, royal blue, and sunrise yellow. These papasan chairs for kids are recommended for the group of age around 6-12 years.

Typically, papasan chairs are constructed with rattan, wicker, bamboo, or iron. While for the papasan chair cushion, it can be made from materials as soft as foam or sponge. Duck feather is also a good choice as the filler. You also need to choose the colors of the upholstery to fit with the kid’s bedroom. The size of the papasan chair is also various. Normally, the papasan chairs are intended for a single person. However, you can find papasan chairs with larger size that designs for family, like a loveseat.

If you do not have any ideas to decorate your kid’s room with papasan chairs, you can look at these pictures. Some stylish papasan chairs for kids here might inspire you.


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