Teal Kitchen Cabinets: How to Paint Them?

Feeling bored with your old kitchen cabinets? There are many ideas of how to make your kitchen more attractive. One of them is by re-decorating your old kitchen, including the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets need to repaint. But, several special treatments are required for applying and painting teal kitchen cabinets. And here are the steps

First, if the laminate of your kitchen cabinets are peeling, you need to rip it off. You can skip this step if your cabinets do not cover with laminates. Second, start sanding your teal kitchen cabinets. Do sanding on all remaining laminated-surface with sandpaper. Third, do coating over the whole parts of cabinets’ surface. Use this coat as the primary coat for your cabinets. The primer coat needs to apply for bonding the paint. It is allowed to apply one or two coats of primer to get optimal result.

Fourth, now it’s time to paint your teal kitchen cabinets. Just select what blue or turquoise color schemes you love. These color paints are available in stores. The price is various, so you can choose the pricey or the expensive one based on your needs. Smooth and good coverage must be two main criterion of best paints. Also, don’t forget to consider the paint’s durable finishing.

And here are some samples of teal kitchen cabinets. You can adopt these ideas to beautify your kitchen cabinetry.

Reference: www.imperfecthomemaking.com

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