Creative Thanksgiving Place Card Ideas

Are you become a host for Thanksgiving ceremony? If you become the host for Thanksgiving party but you do not have any ideas for your table setting, these creative Thanksgiving Place Cards ideas may help and inspire you to make your own Thanksgiving place cards. Using fruits, fallen leaves, nuts, papers, vegetables or wooden sticks, or even a clothespin can transform an ordinary place card into a simple and charming Thanksgiving place card.

With a light brown paper, you can make a stylish Thanksgiving place card. Cut it out in various leaf shapes and decorate them with golden sparkle. Then, you write the person’s name in each leaf. You can cut brown felt into a shape of small boat, too. Sew it and let the top open. Then fill the boat with cute and small decoration stuffs. Next, write the person’s name in a paper, put it into a twig, and place it in the centre of the boat. Then, the boat shaped Thanksgiving place card is done.

Another creative idea is using the form of words puzzle or using few fallen leaves. For the puzzle place card, you print the Thanksgiving place card in the form of words puzzle. The person’s name is inside the puzzle, so you can ask them to search for their names. Do not forget to provide a unique or creative pencil in each place card. For fallen leaves, you pick up few of them and dry them. Then, you paint them in golden color, and let them dry again. Finally, write the person’s name on them and place them on an empty plate.


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