The Hottest Metal Furniture Trends for Interiors-Exteriors

shabby chic breakfast nook light blue top dining table metal dining chairs with blue back rest Kailey Flynn

A lot of home designers say that metal furniture is classic but longlast in trend. Compared to other furnishing kinds, metal furnishings are durable and stylish. The sturdy and hard surface make this material needs additional foam or futon as the comforter, but few of them keep in ‘naked’ version or without comforter addition (non-seats, like coffee tables, etc).

From shabby to sleek modern minimalist, there are wide ranges of metal furniture product selections evoking interior and exterior home designs. In this opportunity, I would like to share some inspiring metal furnishing pieces designed in contemporary style, but I also won’t forget the other styles ever adopted for metal furnishings.

modern open concept kitchen and dining room modern metal dining chairs and bar stools light toned interior light wood trims for windows and door


We start with the modern ones. Modern metal furnishings absolutely give a refreshing modern touch to your home interior. Like these sleek bar stools and dining chairs below. Light finish implemented on the entire interior softens each piece of seat.

metal wrapped coffee table in rectangular shape


It’s genius to use hard metal as the wrapper of this rectangular coffee table. The inner part is actually the engineered wood but it’s coated by metal for more durable finishing. And look at the legs; they are as thick as the table’s top. That’s so unique.

Is it another vintage trend? Maybe yes. Painted metal furnishings like this working desk and dresser reflect an actual retro. With colorful and bright finish, these furnishing pieces are so perfect for homey and ‘cheerful’ home office.

A modern-vintage dining furniture set highlighted by blue color accent on back-rest and seat. The color pops up the metal finishing on legs, making them more stylish and modern chic. This furniture set is ideal for clean look setting like this dining space.

modern vintage dining space round white top dining table in white metal dining chairs with radiant blue finish medium toned wood floors blue walls white baseboard multicolored curtains white wind


Still talking about the modern-vintage setting and its unique metal furnishing pieces. This one is furnished with radiant blue dining chairs with metal as the primary material. Overall design is adopted from the old style, but the color is really updated. The designer puts metal pins behind the back-rest of chairs, exposing the old-style accents.

pool side area white outdoor furnishings white orange throw pillows orange side table white brick floors


Special for monotone metal furnishings like these outdoor furnishing pieces, it’s necessary to add color shades. Color combination of white and orange, for instance, exactly gives a contemporary flair to this pool side. Or, just add additional chair with different color finishing for more color richness.

blue powdercoat shelving units white subway tiled wall concrete floors


Practical shelving units with blue-powdercoat finish. Each unit obviously stands out the space by its color, creating a statement of room. White subway tiled wall becomes a contrasting but perfect background for these shelving units.

The chair has zinc finish and white leather for the seat. Its color is pure and original as real as the natural zinc, making this vanity chair looks classic and genuine. And the color shade matches the whole interior, including the vanity itself. I really love the clouds effect on wall. It’s dramatic!

Another wonderful metal furniture commonly selected by most people today is a traditional metal bed frame with canopy. It’s usually completed with four pillars for each side and supported with canopy on top. To give a dramatic and classic visual effect, the owner can add a semi-transparent textile hung from the top of canopy. What a wonderful sleeping nook!

dark metal wall mounted display natural wood console for decorative objects striped area rug white chairs white round top center table with stainless steel base


This dark metal wall-mounted display is an ideal spot for displaying your decorative objects. Free the surface off and maximize the upper one. This idea, of course, is an instant way to optimize a small room while making your wall as the direct interest.

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