Eleven Gorgeous, Inspiring Pergola Designs for Homes

unique pergola with geometric roof and screen Reno Guide

Pergola is a great solution to enjoy the views outside the house without disturbing your comfort. With unique structure, of course your pergola adds beauty to your exterior. Functionally, pergolas provide the shade & characterful style to patio, landscape, and exterior. That’s why many people today are so interested in having such outdoor feature. To give more inspirations or ideas of pergola, I would like to share ten most inspiring pergola designs that probably will be your best references. Find the best one and start to apply it for your future exterior remodeling project.

First pergola idea is called a pergola pod. This structure offers the privacy & ultra-comfort to your outdoor. It is fully enclosed and just provides a curved space as pergola’s door. Inside the box, you’ll find a set of comfy seats completed with throw pillows.

This white pergola seems to be more dramatic with white curtain addition. The wicker furnishings here really transform the pergola into a chic and quaint one.

Add a pallet swing to your pergola and get massive comfort here. This furniture addition gives high visual interest after colorful throw pillows & mattress are added.

Treat your pergola as a garden nook. To make it comes true, you just need to furnish it with a pair of outdoor chairs, side table, climbers, and potted mini plants. Just let the climbers grow upward along the pergola.

Move away from norm pergola design and try a new and unique one. Pergola with geometric roof & screen, of course, offers the special beauty you’ll never find in any pergola showrooms. The shadows of screen & roof are fantastic and they can be the wonderful accents at the daylight.

The series of vintage lamps give romantic illumination to pergola and space around it. They also create visual attractiveness by their dimmed lighting effect.

Traditional wooden pergola with living roof. Living roof consists of green plants that grow well along the roof, creating a green bed. This idea is recommended for better air and cooler nook.

Give minimalist yet modern touch to your lushly green garden. Metal shade is the answer to get this look. Be glamour just by furnishing this pergola with clean line metal furniture. Both pergola and furniture are the best match.

I love black as it fits any color schemes and it’s able to make others stand out. This black pergola ultimately encloses the seating area which is supported with classic black wrought iron railing system and modern wicker. This setting is showcasing a perfect mix of classic and modern pieces.

Rich colors are the solutions to change a small pergola into the most delightful patio feature. Garnish it with colorful area rug and throw pillows to live up the space as well as to create an inviting spot.

Create your dream rustic charm in your backyard and this wooden pergola seems the most perfect complementary feature. It visually shows warm and natural appeal. The screen here can allow you to get a privacy when being this place.

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