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Two Sided Fireplace That Divides Living Room And Family Room A Pair Of Black Leather Sofa And A Coffee Table In Black Wood Planks Floors Large Book Shelves Mounted On Wall Large Sliding Glass Door
Two Way Electric Fireplace
Luxurious Framed Two Sided Wood Burned Fireplace Some Luxurious And Expensive Furniture Dark Finished Wood Floors
The Outdoor Two Sided Traditional Fireplace With Bricks Frame
Retro Look Of Two Sided Fireplace In Bricks Frames A Set Of Simple Wood Dining Furniture Aluminum Window Blinds For Glass Window  A Bench Under The Window Plus Its Decorative Pillows Artistic Carpet
Two Sided Wood Burned Fireplace As The Divider Space
Gas Firplace As The Separator Of Two Rooms A Set Of Cozy Living Room Furniture White Carpet Two Decorative Frames Wood Floor Idea
Modern Minimalist Two Ways Gas Fireplace That Is Separated Dining Room And Living Room Luxurious Wood Planks Flooring Dining Room Furniture Living Room Furniture Mini Kitchen Set
Black Bricks Framed  Two Sided Fireplace With Transparent Glass Panels A Kitchen Room With White Porcelain Surface Kitchen Island And White Kitchen Storage Systems  White Ceramic Tiles For Floors
Two Sided Traditional Fireplace In Rustic Style A Large Kitchen Room With Traditional Pendant Light Fixtures A Kitchen Island With The Chairs White Porcelain Tiles For Floor

Two way fireplace nowadays is really popular. Many home owners, especially modern home owners, like such kind of modern fireplace. It is because it offers many benefits. First and primary benefit is it brings warmth and glow to the room. Second, it is functional as a cozy and stylish room divider. Third, you can see space behind through this fireplace. That’s so cool, right? Two sided fireplace is flexible to use; it can be used as interior or exterior warmer. The fireplace also offers special accent or focal point to the room. Similar to regular or conventional fireplace, two way fireplace built can be a functional and decorative construction to all rooms (not merely to a living room, but also to main bedroom, family room, home library, and dining room).

There are two common kinds of two way fireplace found at the private houses. They are gas (modern fireplace) and log/ coal burned fireplace (traditional fireplace). A gas two sided fireplace is claimed as much practical and modern one as it uses natural gas as its fuel. Different to a gas two sided fireplace, logs/ coal burned two-sided fireplace still needs logs or coal as the main fuel.

To make two way fireplace more interesting, the fireplace’s exterior must be designed in stylish look. Just match it with the whole room style or concept to create great harmony. A traditional brick two-sided fireplace built, for instance, looks so perfect to divide an open dining room and living room. It provides much coziness to both rooms.

A modern or minimalist home interior will look so great if you appeal it with modern two-sided gas fireplace with transparent glass panels. The glass panels let you and others to see surrounding behind the room you are in. In selecting the best two way fireplace, please consider these several points: the size of spaces/ rooms and divider, fireplace designs (they would be free standing or built-in), shapes, indoor/ outdoor, styles (modern, traditional, minimalist), types (gas or non-gas fireplace). Here is the list of two way fireplace designs you may want to see to add your references.


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