U Shaped Sectional with Chaise Design

U-shaped and L-shaped are both of style for your living room couch or sofa. Those style are amazing, it just depends on your living room size. Minimalist and small living room will be great if it has L-shaped sectional, but large and wide living room will be better to have U-shaped sectional. U-shaped sectional may accommodate more people than L-shaped. U-shaped sectional is also perfect as your living room main design and decor point.

U-shaped sectional will change your sofa or couch shape into U-shaped, good shape to collect all living room activities in the middle of the room. Give your U-shaped sectional other decoration elements like pillows, carpet, or chaise. U shaped sectional with chaise is a good idea to creating comfortable sitting spot with other cool furniture. Chaise has long and nice shape design, it is suitable as your living room sitting furniture.

U-shaped sectional and the chaise may have common design style and color. It will not interesting when you have warm sofa but your chaise is bright with light color. Try to use white color as natural color, this kind of color is matching with any other color. Position of U-shaped sectional is recommended at your middle room, so it can give some free space around the room.

Don’t forget to have coffee table or living room table, small one, not the big one. You can’t just put every furniture to your living room, you have to make clever ways of designing your living room, like this U-shaped sectional.

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