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Trunk Coffee Table With A Black Decorative Bowl And Book
No Finish Trunk End Tables In Various Sizes
A Wonderful Trunk Coffee Table With Knitted Rattan Cover
Trunk End Table For Living Room A Set Of Leather Sofa
Glossy Top Trunk Table With Decorative Metal Pins And Handle A Decorative Vase With Beautiful Flower And A Clock
Three Series Of Trunk Tables In Different Size
Unique And Cool Trunk Table Design
Shabby Look Trunk Coffee Table Idea
Old Look And Shabby Black Trunk Coffee Table Two Piles Of Books A Knitted Dried Root Basket For Storing Small Stuffs
Darker Stained Wood Trunk Table Design

Trunk end table looks so gorgeous for any room designs. In a modern or minimalist room design, this type of table can be a striking accent that gives different look to that room. Matched look between the table and room style will be pursuit if you put this table in a rustic-style room. Trunk table with its obvious wood grain will be the element that strengthens the rustic style.

Trunk end table comes in huge variants, such as trunk side tables, trunk coffee tables, trunk bedside tables, storage trunk tables, trunk corner tables, trunk console tables, etc. Each has specific design and feature. A storage trunk table placed as a side table, for instance, is designed with additional contemporary style. The style may obviously be seen in its small part like table’s legs and table’s top.

Storage trunk end table is full of usefulness, especially for storing your stuffs and helping to organize your living room with this extra storage. Black metal handle attached in the table completes table’s simple design.
Trunk end table also comes in another different design. Table with drawer system underneath or bookshelf, table with ornamental metal screws attached on the whole parts of table except its top, and trunk end table with leather cushion are other variants of trunk tables available in furniture outlets.

Take a look at the following trunk end table designs. Probably you will get inspiration or be attracted to have one for your home. Please, check them out.


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