Wall Hugger Recliners: Designs and Fabrics

Wall Hugger recliners have been popular nowadays. Many people are interested in furnishing their home with such recliners because they provide so much comfort and aesthetic value to the room. The recliners come with various designs and few of them are completed with inside handle. This handle is used to release the footboard which is for supporting the user’s leg. Such design can also give full recline for leaning the user’s back. With these several supporting features, the users will afford the ultimate relaxation while taking a seat on this type of recliner.

Basically, Wall Hugger recliners are designed in similar model to other recliners. They vary in features, types, colors, and fabrics. The features commonly employed in recliners are the arm-rest, neck/ head-rests, footboards, and additional cushion. Then, the fabrics and finishing chosen by most recliner manufacturers are leathers/ ultra-leather, fabrics, and vinyl’s. All these finishing options have their own point pluses. Leather, for instance, gives extra elegance, luxury, and dramatic look. It will be different if you use industry/ fabric recliners, you have more options of color as they are produced in vast color and pattern variants.

Most Wall Hugger recliners are designed in slimmer body, so they’re perfect for rooms of small apartments, cabins, or condos where the space is limited. You need a comfy reading chair or a corner chair? A Wall Hugger recliner is the best choice. As a reading chair, you just need to add a side table or an ottoman table for completing the recliner.

Need more references of Wall Hugger Recliners designs? Here we share the newest designs of Wall Hugger Recliner product selections taking from the some online furniture shops. Please, take a look at our gallery.

Reference: foter.com

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