Wood Stump Side Table: Add Stunning and Rustic Look to A Room

It looks so great when we put wood stump as the part of our home. As the home furniture, for instance, makes a wood/ tree stump more useful. A medium-size wood stump can be altered into a beautiful and functional side table. It will look so stunning and totally amazing after being painted solid silver or solid gold. Natural-color staining is also another best recommended finishing for wood stump side table. It will let us see the beautiful grain.

Wood stump side table is properly used as the outdoor furniture. We can make the outdoor spots more attractive by adding this kind of table. The patio, porch, and deck are best spots where we should put this table. But it is also quite beautiful to add the sunroom or living room with a wood stump side table. This idea is so interesting because the side table will give different color to the room. When it looks so contrast to the main style or concept of the interior decoration, we have made it as a stunning focal point.

But when we have rustic or retro as the theme of interior decoration, a wood stump side table, of course, will add extra richness for our room decoration. Also, the side tables made from tree stumps stay tuned to any furniture like wood chairs, sofa, sectional sofa, daybed, settee, and many more.

Wood stump side tables are now available in furniture stores. If you want to try to make it by yourself, be sure that you have used best solid wood. It will be a nice try, especially for the beginner, as it is sufficient easy to make. To add your references of wood stump side table, here we share some pictures of side tables made from wood/ tree stumps.

Reference: www.decoist.com

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