Yellow and Gray Bedroom Decor – Neutral Meets Cheerful Nuance

Have you reorganized the bedroom well? OMG, you may need to remodel the bedroom as well because it is getting boring and no longer comfortable to hang out. Am I right? So many bedroom decor ideas, but today I would like to show you some awesome designs of yellow and gray combination. Are you ready to get in touch with yellow and gray bedroom decor? Here you go!

Simple and adorable is the core of this yellow and gray bedroom decor. Started from the curtain which appears in ombre style, it brings the nuance of 70s but in its contemporary look. Flashing in elegant look is the yellow pillow to color the creamy bedding sheet. The gray wall around is just neutral and calming anyway.

Further, to show how luxurious the bedroom, it spends a very bold bedding bathed in gray tone covered with royal yellow sheet up on the surface. With plenty of yellow elements applied to the vibe, it gets strong feeling of cheerful serene atmosphere at once.

Taking the very famous pattern in this very day is the one with chevron look applied to the sheet. Gray may power the room in dignity, but the yellow element is luxury in diguised behind every gray touch.

Fewer yellow in a gray bedroom will never be a matter because it becomes the blast of every look. I don’t know the reason why, but small thing is always more interesting!

Only the closet sets in yellow and gray is also a good idea to fill a large room dominated in black! What do you think?


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