84 Inch Bathroom Vanity: The Variants

For many years, bathroom vanities and cabinetry have categorized as the basic storage for bathroom. The cabinets and vanities are so elegant and efficient to organize the bathing supplies. This means that both vanities and cabinetry have crucial function to bathroom. A vanity and a cabinetry system also add the beauty to the bathroom. Most new vanities are made from high quality woods such as maple, veneers, and oak. And each part of vanity unit like sink, faucet, and vanity top are sold separately in order to easier in matching the design needed. Bathroom vanity is designed in wide variants. One of them is 48 inch bathroom vanity.

A 48 inch bathroom vanity is included as the large bathroom vanity that can load more bathing stuffs. This type of bathroom vanity has various vanity top options, such as quartz, marble, porcelain, granite, and solid surface. Many variants of sink and faucets are mounted permanently on top of vanities. The sink variants are grouped based on material and shape. Sinks, based on material, are porcelain, metal, light metal, and many more. Round, square, single, and double sinks are other variants based on their shape. A sink must be paired with a faucet or double faucets that are commonly made from different materials, such as stainless steel, bronze, chrome, and other metal kinds.

How about the design and style of 48 inch bathroom vanity? Designs of a bathroom vanity are usually supported some units of cabinets and drawers as unit storage. These storage systems can be used as towel storage and other bathing supplies. It does not complete if you don’t beautify your large bathroom vanity with a decorative mirror. To create perfects highlight on the mirror, use vanity light installed near the mirror.

If you want to see the newest designs of 48 inch bathroom vanity, here we show you some to add your references before choosing the best and most required bathroom vanity.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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