Do-It-Yourself: Installing a Tile Shower

Installing a tile shower may sound complicated and requires many jobs to be done most of which are expertise works. In reality it is basically similar to tiling a floor and you sure can do it yourself. Working on this kind of home improvement project is useful to give customized look and pampered feeling to your house. Here is step by step of installing a tile show on your own. In the first step of preparation, make sure your wall is properly prepped by removing any old tile and installing a cement back board as foundation. To avoid water to seep through causing damage, waterproof membrane should be applied to the backer board.

The second step of installing a tile shower will be layout. You have to start your new tile installing from second row up from the bottom of the shower. Then determine the vertical and horizontal starting points. Cutting tiles when you get to the corners will be necessary. Applying the thin-set mortar is the next step. Make sure you mix it properly by following the manufacturer instruction. At the point you will lay the tile, spread a quarter inch layer of thin-set. When you need to cut the tile, mark the cut line with a grease pencil and then cut it with tile cutter or wet saw.

The next step of setting the tile will be the similar to setting floor. It should be begun from the starting points you have made. When putting each tile into place on the thin-set, use a slight twisting motion. Before going to the next step you need to let it set for around 24 hours. For the grouting step of installing a tile shower, make sure to properly mix the grout and then apply enough of it to fill the grout joint of the small area. Repeat this step until all grout joints are filled. The last step of installing a tile shower will be sealing the grout which can be done 3-7 days after the previous grouting step. Sealing the grout will give protection toward stains and moisture retention. Make sure to choose an approved grout sealer for the best result.


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