Accent Sofa Designs Effortlessly Leveling Up Your Living Space Value

Scandinavian sofa in soft pink with wooden frame unique coffee table made from light wood artsy painting arts Trend HMDCR

Make your guests impressed and comfortable simple with these accent sofas. You got a lot of accent sofa designs and they’re available online. You just need to pick up some that are the best and fit your home and personal style. Available in huge various colors, designs, materials, and finishes. Let’s check them out to see more in details.

Welcome your lovely guests with this poppy accent sofa. It will be amazing to sit in such a stylish sofa due to its fun motif and color. It works with other poppy furniture pieces like such a fun coffee table and lively green chair, making the space vividly colorful.

Look simple and modern in black and white. I think this sectional sofa also offers a neutral look, especially when white grass-like rug is added.

Leather is timeless and elegant, visually bringing a masculine touch to any sitting areas. Filled with super smooth cushions and supported with metal frame plus leather patina finish, this sofa is cool and classy everytime you’re sitting in. It will look great with a  sheepskin or cowhide rug.

legless Greta sleeper sofa with recycled leather upholstery and recycled foam cushions

Urban Outfitters

Greta leather sleeper sofa by Urban Outfitters can also be next best option to furnish your favorite reading corner. It’s legless so it can be a casual seat option. Covered with super soft leather that has been recycled before, this sleeper sofa absolutely offers a stylish and eco-friendly piece to your home; and the recycled foams filled in the cushions provide you the coziest place to curl up or to sit in deep for many hours.

Dominated by soft gray, this modern sofa brings a modern look. It also contributes in creating a soft-neutral look to the space infused with a little bit of brass finish on the lamp fixtures, purely white pouffe, and warm and light wood coffee table.

Scandinavian sofa in soft pink with wooden frame unique coffee table made from light wood artsy painting arts


Designed in compact shape, this sofa brings a simplicity and modernity, really matching with the main concept of Scandinavian style; and soft pink here gives a textural color scheme in smooth way, actually creating a feminine accent to this space.

It’s legless and can save space much, so this sleeper sofa fits any limited-space homes. The sofa is wrapped with recycled leather. To make it cozier, this sofa has been filled with recycled foam upholstery, recommended as the additional bed as it can be reclined as flat as a regular bed frame. The sofa’s design is also perfect as the reading seat you can put in your reading corner.

Ercol Original 1950s is completed with a back rest plus cushion for more comfort. Based on the design, this sofa can also be used as an occasional bed, so it’s helpful when your guests wanna spend the night at your home. Supported with solid elm frame and legs, this sofa definitely offers a durable and stylish seat option.

It’s always fun if you have such a bold and stunning couch like this one. The color is amazingly standout. It also offers extra-comfort with soft upholstery and cushioned armrests. It’s really recommended for modern or minimalist living rooms.

Inspired by Japanese futon, this folded couch can completely be unfolded as an extra bed. Instantly, this can also spice up your space.

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