What’s New on Wayfair UK?

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Go online now and check what’s new on Wayfair UK. In this final week, there are some fantastic products you’ll never miss and these products of course are well-designed, stylish, and functional. Really want to know what products Wayfair have for this week? Just join us to see them in more details.

Tipi bed frame for kids’ rooms. This would be fantastic spot for napping. It is not only stylish, but also fancy for your lovely kid. Just imagine that your kid now has a tribal house-like in his room. Just let your kid starts his adventure with this one.

A new arrival just came and these beautiful wall mirrors can elevate any rooms. With brass frame, the mirrors show their elegance effortlessly. Just put them randomly in a cluster look, anywhere they’ve been, the space will always be stunned.

Need a new crib for your upcoming newborn? Maybe this baby crib by Wayfair UK will be best option. Built from solid, firm, and durable material, this baby crib offers the best spot for your newborn to nap. The crib has been supported with the railings and ornate curtains for safety and stylish look. Really recommended for you, new moms.

So stunning in cheerful blue. The chosen hue definitely brings positive vibe to this space. The chairs’ design is also stylish and seems comfortable to sit on. The chairs are worthy to meet your Scandinavian style.

These pieces are called the tealight fixtures. Actually, these light fixtures are the candle stands wrapped in decorative handcarved metal lampshades. The lampshades’ profile is semi-transparent, so it can still show the light source and of course such a beautiful lampshade can produce artsy light shadow to the whole room.

Need an elegant flair to style your living room? This tray side table is very recommended to you. Look at the x-base of the table; it is luxurious in glowing brass finish. The deeper tray top is also helpful and ‘safe’ to put some ornate vases or your favorite drinks.


What an adorable drawer system! Actually, this can also be used as the bedside table; it’s still stunning anyway. And the most attractive thing is its decorative patterns. They are so beautiful in different colors, making any space more colorful and fun in visual.

These pieces of furniture look like the bar stools but they’re not; they are just the side tables with higher hairpin legs. Wayfair offers these products for any decorative/ display things like decorative greenery on pots.

Safavieh Monaco rug collection with beautiful hues and patterns. Simply through colors and patterns, this area rug is a perfect potential to make any space richer in tone.

Seems cold yet elegant. Maybe this happens due to grays & whites dominance in this living room. But honestly I think that this room looks boring and tired, but the wall mirror ‘helps’ a bit in giving a new vibe to this room.

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