Art Deco Shower Curtain: How to Decorate Bathroom with Style

Are you one of people that underestimate bathroom decoration idea? then, you should change your mind by starting to choose the best design idea for your own bathroom. It is just not good for you to relax in a bathroom with plain and boring nuance. Playful atmosphere is what you really need inside, or you prefer the serene one instead. There is no boundary, but to attach an art deco shower curtain is a must to add aesthetic element inside the room!

The first art deco shower curtain is a cool yellow curtain idea with stripe pettern. It is not that plain yellow color, but some white accent is added to give flashing bright differing agents. It looks perfect to line on curved stainless steel curtain rod above the bathtub! So much beautiful!

An ombre art deco shower curtain idea appears in very stylish look started from white tone to green and blue. It is made of various colored sleeve and ruffle that fill the surface from the top to the bottom. You will never regret to have this awesome stuff!

The next ruffle art deco hower curtain gives you the chance to own such bright orange drape in the bathroom. It is not that ordinary style because the ombre look brings you awesome effect that differs from the very head to the feet.

The one with floral pattern on creamy fabric must be the greatest idea. it is simple and elegant, and of course it is more flexible to fill any colored interior design!


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