An Expert Says Everything about White Bathroom’s Need

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All-white bathroom looks clean, airy, and stylish in simplest way. It also states classic, but you of course don’t want to make it looks too cold. To overcome it, you need to add the elements that could give warm feel. And then how to make such a colorless bathroom warmer effortlessly?

Barbara Sallick, the queen of white as well as designer & writer of series of bathroom decor ideas, will be our consultant guiding us how to transform or even to re-design in-white bathroom into a stylish & timeless one. Through some tips and rules shared, wish that it would be satified with the results.

Notice this essential: texture. Texture can be achieved by layering the materials. The materials commonly used to add texture in such bathroom is subway tiles paired with marbles or hexagon mosaic tiles. This idea visually gives a maximum ‘depth’, aesthetic value, and character.

About the finish for the bathroom appliances, there are so many choices, but Sallick recommends brass and nickel for warmer look, but if you want cooler visual effect, just pick chrome as the finish.

Make another texture, including the textural color, as the emphasis. This sweet pink tile wall background, for instance, express powerful tone that softly takes the visual interest in this bathroom. Let the sink white for clean-look element (as requested theme), and end up the action with the concrete-finish base. Three color schemes exposed, and each has character and value.

Yes, the key of color is white, but it doesn’t mean you must select the colored bathing essentials like towels. Still take white towels for softness and warmth.

Perfect paint is also so crucial to get a perfect, rich, and deep shade. White, for instance, is divided into many ranges of shades; just select one that’s neutral and warm. It will be a perfect bridge between the interior itself and interior items. White Dove from Benjamin Moore is the best for this, in my opinion.

Adding some decorative glass vases and vivid flowers over the bathtub is good idea to stop from being always-be-monochromatic like most white interior ideas (including the bathrooms). Ornate pieces in bathroom add direct interest. They also change monochromatic theme usually discovered in so many designs of white bathrooms. An oversize wall mirror is apparently good piece to add since it gives an artful statement as well as the dimension in room.

How to make an in-white bathroom looks warm? Add the glass window. It’s an important feature that allows the natural light comes in room – transferring warm morning sunlight into this room. To make the window more aesthetic, add the window covering. It’s better to select white or patterned white window linen to your bathroom, or pick broken white to add brightly textural tone. About the light choice, the bulbs or orbs with dimmer light effect is the ones most recommended to bring romantic & dramatic warmth.

Give some personal statements in room such as accessories, family pictures, or additional storage (especially basket that brings back the natural and warm look). These items of course will soften your pale-look space.

Be selective about the colors. All-white spaces, including white bathrooms, feel pure, simple, and timeless. If you want to add some colors, pick the medium or light ones. Why? It’s to avoid a high intense of contrast. Dots in white marble tile floors and black-toned trims for towels are just two examples of most recommended pieces for room. Black and dot here obviously add lively accents in room.

One of the main reasons why you choose all-white bathroom idea is for elegant and classic style, so the accessories you’ve chosen should follow the style. For more modern look, use metal accessories for your bathroom, and it’s better to not attach them to walls to make you easier to let them off when finding the new ones.

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