Bamboo Shower Mat: The Point Pluses

Bamboo shower mat absolutely gives you unique and different look to your bathroom. It also offers textured surface when you’re stepping your underfoot on it. This must give different sensation for every moment of going to your shower space. Since bamboo shower mats are not as soft as textile mats, most bamboo mat lovers claim that it is easier to keep their shower area clean. The mats are also warmer and safer as they won’t make you slip off when using them.

Another point plus of bamboo shower mat is it provides huge modern architectural look to your bathroom. They are perfect for any bathroom styles and they look great for a bathroom with a lot of bright and bold colors as they will be the ones that are calm. This means that they can be striking accent for your bathroom.

Next, bamboo shower mat is much more durable than textile shower mats. They can be used for years. Just compare to textile shower mats; they must be washed/ cleaned regularly. Often we find they look dirty just few days after being washed. Fabrics or textiles are easier to be worn-out if they are frequently washed. That’s so different if you use wooden or bamboo bath mats. They can dry themselves and aerate. They have a pad under the mat to prevent the mat slips.

Available in various sizes and shapes (round, square, rectangular, and round-shaped for each corners). Shop them online and enjoy your new shower mat. In the following gallery, you will discover newest variants of bamboo shower mat.


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